Explore our community’s history with informative videos!

Also check out Collection Corner, a new short video series featuring unique objects and exploring how these items connect us to our community’s past.

Waverley Place 60th Anniversary

As Waverley Place celebrates its 60th anniversary as a museum, it is important to recognize its place in the community. We hope you enjoy this short video exploring the history of this house and property which has served as a home for two families, and is now a gathering place for families, friends and community members. (December 28, 2021)


Orono Library 50th Anniversary

The Orono Branch of the Clarington Public Library celebrates 50 years and counting! The people of the Orono area cherish their beautiful little library. We hope you enjoy this short video which traces the history of the branch and the story of the Waddell House, its stately home. (June 3, 2021)


Act of Remembrance with Larry Bryan – Remembrance Day

Join Larry Bryan at Clarington Museums and Archives for a discussion on the act of Remembrance and the importance of wearing a poppy on Remembrance Day. (November 11, 2021)