Day 21!

Parlour games were another popular way to spend quality time with the family in the Victorian period. Many variations of these games exist as they were passed on and adjusted to each player’s liking.

Here are two parlour games you can try at home!

Blind Man’s Buff

How well do you know your families features?

All players stand in a circle together.

A player is selected to be “it”.

They will close their eyes and spin around three times.

The player who is “it” must keep their eyes closed and identify one other player by touch alone. Giggling may give yourself away!

If they are identified correctly, they now now “it”.

If they are not identified correctly, the player is spun around three more times and tries again.

The Minister’s Cat

How far in the alphabet can you get in this word game?

Players sit around a table (or in a circle) and one player is chosen to begin the game.

Player 1 will say the sentence “The minister’s cat is a ____ cat.”, choosing an adjective starting with A (example: adventurous, adorable).

Player 2 will say the same sentence and choose another adjective starting with A.

Continue around the circle trying not to break the rapid pace.

Once you return to player 1, continue with the letter B.

Continue through the alphabet.